27 May 2012


100 years ago in Tiflis (Tbilisi) poet Hovhannes Tumanyan and artist Gevorg Bashinjaghyan invented "Vardaton" (Feast of Roses), a holiday designed to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the great gusan Sayat-Nova.
Armenian community in Georgia celebrate Vardaton on the last Sunday of May. In 2012 diaspora celebrates the 300th anniversary of Sayat-Nova.
Milena Oganesyan, an activist of the Armenian community, shoote the Feast of Roses, which was held on central square of the Old Tbilisi.

13 May 2012

Liturgy in the Lutheran Kirche

Evangelical Lutheran community in Georgia (Evangelisch-Lutherische Gemainde Georgien) was formed in 1817, when Germans migrated to Transcaucasia from Württemberg. Caucasian Germans have settled a village near Tbilisi and named Elisabeththal. In 1871 Kirche was built in Elisabeththal, in 1894 was built Lutheran Church of Saint Peter and Paul (Lutherische Kirche Sankt Peter und Paul) in Tbilisi. In 1937 Caucasian Germans were deported to Central Asia. Elisabeththal was renamed to Asureti, Lutheran Church in Tbilisi was destroyed in 1940. In 1998 Lutheran community has built Reconciliation Church in Tbilisi.
David Jandieri, who is an activist of Lutheran community in Georgia has shooted a Liturgy. 

10 May 2012

One Day of David Jandieri's Life

David Jandieri is an activist of Lutheran community of Georgia. He take participantion in many events of the Lutheran community. David is of German descent. His hobby is photography.