One Day of My Life’ is a project of Union of Kurdish Youth of Georgia which is supported by Embassy of Swiss Confederation in Tbilisi. Beneficiaries of the project are young people aged 18-25 who represent ethnic and religious minorities, which live in Georgia.

The aim of the project is to see problems, community life and holydays with eyes of youth. The project provides for widely practiced method of sociological research ‘one day of my life’, which already was held in Georgia among refugees from conflict zones. The method has justified itself not only in Georgia, but also in other countries. It will help young people express their opinion, to show what stays behind the visibility.

During the project young people will create photos, where participants will reflect community life, problems and vision of youth, holydays, traditions. It will help us in work with youth of ethnic and religious minorities, because each community needs individual approach. At the end of the project we will create and publish photo album which will content photos made by beneficiaries. 

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