15 March 2012

Yezidi Kloch

Kloch (Kurdish: Kiloç') — Yezidi traditional cake, which is always bake in March and it is a symbol of New Year. Cake is cut in 6 parts, each of the parts is dedicated to Holy angel:
  • Heft mêrê dîwanê (Seven man of the Spritual Council)
  • Xwedanê malê (God of the Tribe)
  • Memê şivan (Holy Shepherd Mame)
  • Gavanê Zerzan (Holy Shepherd)
  • Xatuna Fexra (Saint Woman from Farkha tribe)
  • Şems (God of the Sun)
On the pictures by representative of Yezidi-Kurdish coomunity of Georgia Irakli Tamoev  you can see performance of  the rituals.



დაჭრილი კლოჭი

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