1 April 2012

Assyrian's Kha b-Nisan

Kha b' Nisan or Ha b' Nisin, also Ha b' Nison; ܚܕ ܒܢܝܣܢ "First of April", Resha d'Sheta; ܪܫܐ ܕܫܢܬܐ "Head of the year" in Syriac, also known as Akitu, or Assyrian New Year is the spring festival among the Assyrians, celebrated on 1 April.
However, in addition to the traditional Assyrian New Year on April 1, all Assyrians also celebrate the Gregorian calendar New Year on January 1 along with the rest of the world.
Celebrations involve parades and parties. Some Assyrians wear traditional costume and dance in parks for hours. In Europe, the United States and Canada, there are often parties with food, music and dance.

Kandian girl of Assyrian origin shooted one day of Assyrian community in Georgia.

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